Partnership Priorities

The Bristol Learning City Partnership Board oversees a number of Task and Finish Groups that have been set up to deliver the partnerships priorities.

The areas of challenge that the Partnership are collectively addressing are children’s literacy, school attendance, the recruitment and retention of teachers, pathways for young people into further and higher education and employment, outcomes for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and outcomes for minority ethnic children and young people in Bristol.

Learning for Work

Post 16 pathways and work experience

Supporting young people into further and higher education and work, ensuring the local workforce is skilled and diverse.

Key priorities:

  • Improve access to and information relating to post 16 pathways
  • Continue to improve the experience of work offer through WORKS.
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Reading City

By creating a Reading City we aim to inspire children and families to read more. We will improve existing tools and volunteer networks to support parents and guardians to develop their own reading abilities.

Key priority:

  • To support and strengthen family reading.
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Improve outcomes for children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

School attendance

In 2015/16, Bristol ranked close to the bottom of the national school attendance tables. The Learning City Partnership Board agreed that addressing Bristol’s low school attendance should be a key priority area and that a school attendance strategy should be developed. The strategy will outline the role that schools and other key stakeholders have to play in improving attendance.


Education workforce – recruitment and retention

Many schools in Bristol struggle to recruit and retain experienced teachers, with physics and modern foreign languages proving particularly challenging. A number of key stakeholders from schools and teacher training providers have formed a Task and Finish Group to address these challenges.

Key priorities:

  • Promote Bristol as a place to teach and live
  • Increase the level of value placed on teaching
  • Increase the diversity of the teaching workforce
  • Improve the recruitment and retention of middle and senior leaders in Bristol schools.