From the M Shed and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery to The Georgian House Museum, The Red Lodge Museum, Blaise Castle House Museum and Bristol Record Office, there is something for everyone at the city’s museums – all for free!

Encounter real artefacts and artworks from some of the UK’s finest collections. Take part in handling sessions, costumed role-play, gallery activities and meet the experts. Whether you want to enrich your school curriculum, extend your own knowledge, develop a new skill or just feed your curiosity – learning in museums is for everyone!

Bristol Museums offer school sessionsprofessional development opportunities for teachers, adult learning events and workshops for home educators.

See amazing films and photographs, listen to moving personal stories, encounter rare and quirky objects and add your own memories of Bristol through the interactive displays. From prehistoric times to the present day, M Shed tells the story of the city and its unique place in the world.

Discover Bristol’s world-class collections, from dinosaurs and gems to magnificent fine art and Egyptian artefacts. Twenty galleries tell the story of our world in every display from the beginning of time to the present day. Explore Natural History, ancient civilisations, archaeology and much more.

Discover what a Bristol sugar plantation and slave owner’s home might have looked like around 1790. Eleven rooms spread over four floors reveal what life was like above and below the stairs, from the kitchen in the basement where servants prepared meals to the elegant formal rooms above.

What secrets lie behind the bright red door?  Step inside the TARDIS and experience more than 400 years of history in the museum where you feel you have left the modern world behind.  From ‘royal party house’ of the 16th Century to Victorian reform school for girls, see how the lodge has changed over time.

See how people lived through time – what they wore, the toys they played with and how they managed their household chores.  Find out about the history of the house, the landscaping of its estate and enjoy the beautiful Picture Room.

You can also explore where the Romans used to live at Kings Weston Roman Villa, right on Bristol’s doorstep – see the only Roman bath suite in Bristol, original mosaic floors and discover Roman central heating!