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Supporting children and young people in their learning is difficult at the best of times. Juggling parenting and work is a difficult balance to strike, which has been further complicated by school closures, isolation and a nationwide lock down. For many, trying to find engaging, inspiring and quality learning materials has become a full time profession in itself. That is why Bristol Learning City has started to curate a number of resources that are suitable for home-learning, including resources for children and young people with SEND. The list is far from complete and further resources will be added in the coming days and weeks. An additional list of resources can be found on the Department for Education website.

Our aim is to create a list of resources produced by Bristol based educators and learning providers. If you come across something that is particularly interesting, useful or engaging please feel free to send us a link at

It’s easy to use, just filter the resources by key stage, tag, subject or school year.

Let’s keep Bristol learning!

Access Sport – Inclusive activities

A range of activities for children and young people with SEND

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ASDAN – Free resources to support home learning and educating

Pre-Entry to Level 2 free resources to support home learning and educating

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Ashley Down Primary School – Reading Challenge

Helpful resources for reading that have been developed by Anna Welch at Ashley Down School

reception year-1 year-2 year-3 year-4 year-5 year-6readingenglishkey-stage-1 key-stage-2
BBC – Earn a Blue Peter Badge

Earn a Blue Peter badge by completing a range of different challenges or activities

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BBC Programme – Ethical Theories

Various BBC programmes based on Ethical Theories

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Better Bilingual – Educational and pastoral provision for EAL children, young people and their families

Online teaching & support for EAL pupils & families

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Book Island – Picture books on Vimeo

Award-winning Bristol based publisher of picture books

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Boolean Maths Hub

Online maths provision to support work groups

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Bristol Autism Team – Preparing for more time at home

Tips for parents of children with autism for spending more time at home

all-yearsautism sendwellbeingall-key-stages
Bristol Autism Team – Tips for supporting children with autism

Advice on supporting children emotionally and practically

all-yearsautism communication send supportwellbeingall-key-stages
Bristol Diocese – Activities for Easter for the Home and for those in School

Resources that can be used at home to explore and understand the festival of Easter more fully

pre-school reception year-1religionreligious-studi