Routes into Teaching

If you are passionate about teaching, a Bristol school is a great opportunity to test yourself, develop and grow. All Bristol schools share a commitment to nurturing talent and work with various training and educational providers to offer a variety of different routes into teaching.

From studying at university, to school-based routes such as School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), School Direct and Teach First, there are many courses and programmes available to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).


Bristol is home to two world class universities – the University of Bristol (UOB) and the University of the West of England (UWE).  Both universities offer bespoke courses and programmes for becoming a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) through the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

The universities aim to produce teachers who are creative, resourceful, reflective and professionally grounded.  They provide teachers with the skills to succeed in contemporary classrooms and the capacity to innovate and lead when circumstances change.  They develop teachers to become inspiring and outstanding subject practitioners in a wide range of schools and prepare them for leadership roles in the future.

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School-Based Courses

There are several school-based courses in Bristol, originating from School Direct and School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT).

School Direct courses are based on the skills providers are looking for in a newly qualified teacher (NQT). Designed by groups of schools, in partnership with a university or a SCITT provider, the schools recruit trainees with a particular job in mind. This is a popular choice for those who hope to secure a role in the network of schools where they’ve trained.

Alternatively, another option is to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through a SCITT. Schools or school partnerships, that become accredited SCITTs, are responsible for training new teachers in schools. SCITTS are equivalent to Higher Education Institutions (HEI), such as universities, and they are able to make assessments and recommendations for QTS to the National College for Teaching and Leadership and the Department for Education. In addition to QTS, most SCITTs will also offer a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in partnership with a HEI.

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Cabot Learning Federation Institute (SCITT)

The Cabot Learning Federation Institute (CLF) is an accredited School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) in Bristol.

CLF partner with the University of the West of England (UWE) to offer the PGCE award. Successful graduates of the CLF SCITT will have completed the initial teacher training year with QTS, and most with a PGCE.

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Bristol Redcliffe Open Interchange – Secondary School Training (School Direct)

Bristol Redcliffe Open Interchange provides school-based training for aspirational trainee teachers who are seeking the very best school based training that is supported by the University of Bristol.

The training provides the opportunity to access a bespoke professional development programme that draws upon educational research and the expertise of practising outstanding educational leaders and teachers.  Schools within the partnership include five diverse, large, secondary schools; each with a distinctive ethos and individual areas of expertise to offer trainee teachers, and also includes partnership work with primary schools.

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The Bristol Primary Teacher School Alliance (BPTSA) offers two types of the School Direct programme: a salaried route and a PGCE school based route.

Both training routes have a base at Brunel Field Primary School, which is part of Ashley Down Schools Federation and one of the Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance schools.

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