The Integrated Education and Capital Strategy (2015 – 2019)

The Integrated Education and Capital Strategy sets out plans to provide more school places in Bristol across all education sectors over the next few years.

The strategy is part of the Bristol Learning City vision to engage city leaders and a wide range of stakeholders to develop an integrated approach and capital plan across all education sectors and partners in the city.

The document outlines a number of strategic aims and objectives to improve the number of places, the distribution of facilities and the condition and suitability of the estate. It will ensure that the city is strategically ready to take advantage of existing capital funding but also provide the clarity of vision to lobby for increased investment. Its key aim is to ensure sufficient places in schools and education settings are suitable for their purpose and in good condition.

Delivery of the projects will ensure that the education estate in Bristol continues to meet the very highest standards. The implementation will have a significant impact on the aspiration to ensure every citizen has access to high quality education and is inspired to learn.