Learning Ambassadors

What is a Learning Ambassador?

A Learning Ambassador is an individual connected to Bristol who can help develop, promote and celebrate learning opportunities.

Learning Ambassadors are people who are:

  • Welcoming, friendly and proud that Bristol is a Learning City
  • Excellent role models for learners
  • Keen to help others achieve their full potential
  • Motivated to share their knowledge and experiences.

We would like everyone who is passionate about learning to become a Learning Ambassador, to inspire others and demonstrate that learning is for everyone.

The role of a Learning Ambassador

The role of a Learning Ambassador is to help reach as many people in the city as possible and inspire them to participate in learning.

Learning Ambassadors help in three simple ways:

Passing on learning messages to their personal and/or professional networks, to help change attitudes and behaviours.

Promoting learning at every opportunity; in their workplace, home or community.

Participating in learning, by inspiring others and empowering them to take part in learning activities.