Mama Africa Online is a web resource that examines the huge impact that Africa has had on the evolution of modern life globally. By revealing how Africa’s heritage affects us all, one way or another, the resource helps redress the long standing denial of value of African cultures that pervaded Europe’s colonial  era – leaving a legacy of invisibility. The resource features projects, suitable for various ages, allowing you to research Africa and research yourself. There’s a focus on History, Arts, Geology and Inspirational Leaders based around small research tasks in each topic. The key to the resource is that there are no right or wrong answers. You respond to a task, we’ll give you some research pointers and what you produce is open ended. It could be a painting or a poem, an article or a video, a dance or demonstration, a model or an essay, you decide. Tasks can be tailored to different age ranges and the end result can be as big or as little as you wish.

Mama Africa was designed to be used within schools, so we’ve provided links to the National Curriculum throughout the resource. The tasks cover lots of areas, from the English curriculum to History, Geography, PSHE, PE, Arts and Music. The resource can just as easily be used at home though, and in many ways is an ideal Home Education resource. Its a very colourful, user-friendly website, the tasks are open ended, there’s an artistic response to almost every subject and you also have those links to the National Curriculum. Your kids can work on projects that keep them in step with school or you can work together as a family and devise some really creative responses.

Mama Africa Online can provide a much needed window into Africa and a great opportunity to engage with education at home. The resource is free, and we’d love to see your projects and feedback as you respond to the research tasks. Any queries please contact bob@dmacuk.