#ThisChangedMyLife Campaign

People from across Bristol have shared positive stories with us, of how learning has changed their lives. These stories illustrate the many ways and places in which they have learnt – through friends, community activities, via formal education and at work.

Inspired by the ‘Learning Stories‘ that we have gathered, and to coincide with National Storytelling Week, we are running a campaign from 27th January – 3rd February 2018 that will encourage Bristol citizens to share a learning experience that has changed their life.

With personal development and new beginnings on the minds of many in January, we hope that by sharing stories we can all encourage someone else to learn a new skill – and make a resolution that could transform lives, local communities and the city.

How you can support the campaign

We would like all our Learning Ambassadors, partners and individuals who value learning, to support this campaign.

All you need to do is share an example of how something you have learnt has changed your life, during the week (27th January – 3rd February 2018). You can do this online, in person or through printed communications. You could even set up a storytelling event in your local community.

If you represent an organisation, community group or school, you can share stories from your own employees, residents or students. You could also promote the campaign to your own partners and stakeholders, encouraging even more people from across the city to get involved.

Campaign Toolkit

Our toolkit contains some resources that you can use online, at work or in your local neighbourhood:

Partners and Supporting Organisations